The history, individualism and artistic personality of Sitges, near Barcelona, has set it apart and aligned it with the surrounding region.

Catalunya has a rich cultural tapestry, which is seamlessly reflected by Sitges, in tune with the elements that make it an extraordinary holiday destination.

Creativity and tolerance, for which Sitgeans are immensely proud, has set the stage for managed growth. Sitges Campus and it’s facilities will heighten the areas reputation for innovation, whilst providing economic and community benefits.

Feeling good about where one lives, being the foundation for young and old to value Sitges and continue to make it a wonderful place to reside and visit.

This Campus project will not only attract investors, it will also attract artistic talent and creative entrepreneurs. To inspire and motivate Sitgeans both young and not so young.


2,200 jobs are estimated to be created, directly as a result of Sitges Campus, with a value of 50 million euros in gross wages.

15.6 million per year is also expected to be generated from the students it will attract and relatives on a visit, per year, for sectors such as commerce, entertainment, tourism and housing.

Local, regional and national businesses will be encouraged to get involved, once plans and proposals are completed. As an opportunity for all.

It has been reported that some U.S. and European universities have already shown interest in participating in the project, including Walt Disney and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

The 4 Elements

  1. Capturing History
    Preserving the historical, architectural and cultural Aspects of Sitges by invigorating them in an artistic way
  2. Artistic Festivals
    A new stage, with seating for 800 people, for arts and audiovisuals festivals every 2 months
  3. Learning
    A programme of educational  projects covering creativity, art and culture. Encompassing the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre and the Municipal School of Visual Arts and Audiovisuals
  4. Sitges Qualia Campus
    A new eco sustainable campus development providing education centers, performance facilities and student accommodation.

As plans progress, opportunities will be published.

Sitges Centre De Disseny – Sitges Design Center

Sitges Centre De Disseny - Sitges Design Centre As part of the municipal project (“Sitges, Art Space.”) for the design and creative arts it supplies a venue for Creative Companies,  artistic exhibitions and Encounters.

To host a wide range of events, such as business meetings, conferences, exhibitions and performances, with high ceilings and bright open areas.  More

Creative Business Center

Opened in 2011, it offers low cost working space for 10 creative start-up entrepreneurs within 400 m2 of the Sitges Design Center.

The goal is to provide a working area, along with common services such as meeting rooms, storage, display spaces to support start-ups and generate an exchange of ideas and collaboration.

A Centre for Research and Innovation in Leisure and Tourism

sitges beachSitges Qualia Campus will have a venue to evaluate and generate creativity in the Leisure and Tourism Industry. Inventing ways to connect the past with the future.

It’s role will improve Sitges as a holiday destination, for visitors, increase  jobs and attract talent from across the world. To heighten the areas strong cultural and quirky atmosphere and vacation experience. Which is already world renowned, for all those that have discovered it.

About Us

Unfortunately this project may have been shelved. " is a website dedicated to promoting Sitges to tourists and students from across the world. Located in Garraf, near Barcelona in Spain, Sitges QUALIA Campus looks to be an excellent location to learn and innovate". more...


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